scent of love

sweetens days

in passing

our souls meet

at point where

our ideas connect

October 2015 – NorthWest Poetry Update –

Source: October 2015 – NorthWest Poetry Update –

flash through veil

bend and shift

with changing light

making art

at meeting points

on edges

where realities


moments of relaxation

bring creative insights

power to move

current labor



warrior goddess suppressed

energy blows sideways

direct collectively

force for change

pathway back to nature

terrestrial elements

blended, transplanted

in us

“TreeTalk” poetry chapbook


Trees have been a source of fascination for me, and a solace in hard times. They’ve found their way into my poetry. I’ve recently written a collection of tree-related poems that has been published by MoonPath Press.

Along with my poetry, TreeTalk includes beautiful images of trees by James Rodgers, photographer and fellow poet. His unique photos reflect to me his own special connection with our tree relatives.

A poem and tree image from TreeTalk is at, and the book is available for purchase on Amazon at


not seen, known


where all connect